Register now for our Summer Holiday Workshops!

Hobart Gymnastics Academy Inc, Wed Jan 16, 2019 1:14PM


Eagerly anticipated by gymnasts and parents alike, our fabulous Holiday Workshops are now open for registration!


It's Summertime....Do your children have a summer buzz in their step? Are your family photos in danger from flying feet and bouncing bodies? Do you need somewhere for your kids to burn off their pent up energy without trashing the house? Problem solved! Bring them into the gym and our accredited coaches will channel that energy into skill development in a fun and friendly atmosphere!


These holidays we've also made it more like a school day. Workshops start at 8:50am in the morning and, if staying for the whole day, finish at 3:40pm. This change of time also places lunchtime and breaks at a much better time for young appetites and energy levels.


For more details about the workshops we have on offer these holidays, visit the School Holiday Programs page on our website. Workshops can be booked individually or by the day.


Don't miss out! Register now through our Member Portal or through our online Calendar.


Last updated: Thursday January 24, 2019 5:00PM