Women's Artistic Gymnastics


WAG Foundation 1-2
These classes introduce the gymnast to the first of the Gymnastics Australia foundation 1&2 skills for Women's Artistic Gymnastics. Gymnasts are taught skills that can be displayed at Academy Invitational events. Gymnasts within these classes can have the opportunity to represent HGA both within the Academy as well as regionally. Gymnasts are introduced to basic conditioning, flexibility and strength within these classes. These attributes are essential in the development of the gymnastic skills. Girls are taught the first basic skills across the four women’s apparatus: beam, uneven bars, floor and vault.

WAG Development Squads
The Development Squads are fast track programs for WAG foundation level 1-2 gymnasts. Placement within these squads is by invitation of the senior coaching staff, and continuation within the squads is dependant upon the gymnast maintaining a suitable standard of gymnastic development. Development Squad training is centred heavily upon conditioning, flexibility and strength development to ensure these gymnasts will cope with the demands of both training and competitions in the future. Gymnasts within the Development Squads compete both within the Academy as well as regionally.

Junior & Senior Levels (WAG)
In Juniors & Seniors, gymnasts prepare to pass level 3 and above for WAG. To pass to the next level, gymnasts must compete in a State based Levels Test, with State appointed Judges. Within Seniors the gymnasts have the opportunity to compete within the State as well as Nationally. Senior training is based upon the gymnast developing the necessary strength, flexibility, conditioning and then developing the skills.