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Looking for something different for a school or Vacation Care excursion? Why not try gymnastics!


unique Fear Factory Gymnastics Program


We are a registered and accredited Sporting Schools Club, please look up the link to the Sporting Schools Website


Staff Team Building


Hobart Gymnastics Academy’s Schools Program offers:

  • Accredited and experienced coaches, who run exciting and flexible programs developed especially to suit school needs
  •  A well equipped gymnastic facility in Bridgewater, offering the full range of gymnastic apparatus and equipment, plus  many extras used to extend our programs.
  •  ‘One-off’ classes or a series of progressive classes
  •  Numerous benefits to students including opportunities to:
  •  Improve self-esteem and confidence
  •  Develop increased social interaction skills with peers
  •  Develop coordination and balance
  •  Develop perseverance and learn to overcome fears
  •  Use and increase team building skills
  •  Use different gymnastic equipment and apparatus
  •  Trial and enjoy a different and unique sport


Multiple Classes with Waiting Area


We can cater for multiple classes; we have a canteen area where one class can be working; having morning tea while they wait their turn


Staff Team Building Sessions


We now offer staff ‘Team Building' sessions which include the following benefits:


  • To encourage communication and problem-solving as a group.
  • This will also allow risk taking and encourage trust in a supportive environment.
  • To keep team morale up, bonding opportunities to interact on a different level.  
  • To give your group a break from your everyday school environment.
  • These sessions are healthy for your body and mind.
  • Structured sessions to allow the staff to re-group and de-stress.

These may include relays, strength and fitness, problem solving games and sometimes just games for fun and possibly the opportunity to throw your boss in the foam pit!!


Please call our school group co-ordinator on 6263 3460 or email:, for more information or to make a group booking


School Group / Fear Factory Brochure